Oolong tea

oolong tie guan yin

Also known as oolong , blue – green teas semi -fermented teas, oolong teas are a family that offer a wide range of aromas .

Flowers, fruits , vegetables, honey, nuts and other flavorings may be waiting for you ! The leaves are picked, withered and undergo semi -oxidation, shorter than black teas , red teas.

tie guan yin oolongThe major producing regions

China is the birthplace of oolong ( oolong in Chinese means Black Dragon ) . It is therefore not surprising to find many producing regions. The best known include : Anxi (Specialty Tie Guan Yin) , Wuyi (famous for its Da Hong Pao ) , Guangdong ( Dan Cong ) .

The island of Taiwan is also famous for its grand cru , the major part of its production is reserved for this tea family.

Thailand has also become in recent decades a great oolong producing region of very good quality .

Taiwan tea fieldsDifferent oolong according oxidation

Depending on the desired Oolong , it will play on the oxidation to obtain very different sheets :

Low oxidation pulling green tea (such as Tie Guan Yin) .

High oxidation pulling a black tea (such as Da Hong Pao ) .

Medium oxidation combining the freshness of green teas and power of black teas (like Dan Cong ) .

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