Cyril Christal, owner of Terre des Thés

Born in 1978, i’m a tea enthusiast since my childhood. My parent were drinking a big teapot of Lapsang Souchong every morning. Adult, i start to discover the world of scented teas and after that, i try differents teas from asian countries. My first collection was around the Sri Lanka‘s teas where i travelled in 2006. I discovered there my first tea plantations.

Cyril Christal Terre des ThésAfter that, i was thinking to the next countries to visit. I’ve been in Yunnan, India, Japan, Taiwan, Zhejiang. Every area was a great experience for me. I have seen a lot of way to create tea but also different kind of consumption and lovely people who share their experiences. In parallel, i created my company to sell tea in France and offer my knowledge of the tea’s world.

Articles about my tea trips (only in French)

thé à la plage PalavasTerre des thés is specialised to offer a large diversity of teas from different origin. We do our best to propose the most fresh tea from the latest crop. Now, we sell more than 80 different teas. Every month, 5 to 10 fresh teas are proposed to our customer.

In parallel, we do our best to show the tea’s diversity to our customers. Every month, we offer a degustation, where people can test what a real fresh tea is.
Some special degustation are realized with other professionals: how tea can be drunk with cheese, or what are the common point between wine and tea.

The next steps are turned toward the asian countries: Korea, Japan, Darjeeling, Wuyi mountains, Thailand…we hope to visit all those places and be more aware about what happen there for the tea and his environment.

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