Brew loose puerh tea

Puerh tea is often pressed to allow its transportation and storage in a simple way . In parallel, the bulk form ( uncompressed sheets) also exists. This is a more common packaging in the West and which may be less confusing to learn this tea family.

infusion puerh cuitGenerality of the infusion of puerh tea

The infusion of puerh tea is very special . This tea is manufactured to perform several short infusions that will create rich and fragrant scents. If you try to brew a tea puerh in bulk as black tea (3 minutes or infusion ) , the liquor will be too loaded with flavor and texture. Follow our tips to best achieve your teas !

Cleaning sheets puerh tea

The cleaning step is shorter for loose puerh tea than the pressed puerh tea. Pour water over the leaves and empty once your teapot / Gaiwan to preserve the components of the sheet that will speak later . The leaves begin to color the water very quickly. In contrast, for a pressed puerh tea , it is necessary to leave long hot water off the leaves pressed together.

puerh infuséFirst infusion of the leaves

The leaves infuse easily , liqueurs will also be rich in no time. This is an advantage because you will quickly get your infusions. However , it is necessary that your equipment is suitable and you know to use it. Avoid handling large volumes , up to Yixing and gaiwans 100 to 200ml !

Following infusions

While some pressed puerh teas can be brewed a dozen times , most bulk puerhs will settle 5 to 7 infusions.

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