Tea plantation in Vietnam

chapeau champ de thé

Ly Hoang Long is a Vietnamese photographer based in Dalat city in southern Vietnam. Here is an overview of his photographic work with explanations on the tea culture in Cau Dat in Dalat region located at 1500m altitude .

plantation the vietnam-LHL-400X264The first tea factory was built in Cau Dat in 1927 by the French colonizers . Tea culture existed before that date but production was only open to local needs. Currently Cau Dat is one of the main areas which supplies tea to South Vietnam mainly green tea.

cueillette vietnam the champThe tea fields are harvested every 2 months alternately in the different plots. The harvest is therefore conducted throughout the year. The climate is very mild in this region for the cultivation of tea: temperature around 15-20 ° C and constant rainfall from April to October .

cueilleuse vietnam the rasoirA special feature in the technique of picking : gatherers fix razor blades to the index to facilitate the removal of leaves.

plantation the rasoir vietnamThis photo clearly shows the blade ready to cut the stem of the tea plant.

 secateur nettoyage theier vietnamAfter picking , the tea plants are pruned short for ” aerate ” the plant and allow the young leaves to be available for the next harvest.

A big thank you to Ly Hoang Long for sharing his work. You can view all of his photos around the tea Dalat to this address.

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