The infusion time

The success of a tea depends primarily on its brewing time as well as the water temperature

It is most often shown on your package: be sure to follow during the discovery of tea. Conversely, do not hesitate to leave the beaten track and test your favorite teas with infusions shorter or longer!

Here is the list of the most commonly used infusion time for different teas :

  • Yin Zhen infusionRapid infusions: All teas can be made with short successive infusions . This is the basis of Gong Fu Cha, it is particularly suited for puerhs teas.
  • Infusions from 30 seconds to 1 minute: Good for most Japanese green teas whose leaves infuse rapidly on contact with water.
  • Infusion of 2 minutes: Suitable for most green teas, that term may also suit some black or red teas teas if found too strong or too astringent .
  • Infusion of 3 minutes: This is the average time for most teas , black teas , red teas and some oolong teas
  • minuteur chronomètre théInfusion of 5 minutes: Suitable for many oolong teas and some white teas. These teas are usually very shriveled leaves. They therefore take time to unfold and to infuse.

For your convenience , there are simple kitchen timers that trigger an alarm when the time is up . You can find one in our catalog.

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