The water temperature

Depending on the type of tea, oxidation , the shape of its leaves, the brewing temperature will be adapted . We will consider two types most commonly used temperatures.

eau temperatureThe simmering water

Most black teas, red teas , puerhs teas, white teas and oolong teas accept simmering water .

This is a water boiling. Its temperature is about 95 ° C.

In the practice of oolong and puerh tea , it is recommended to bring a the hottest water possible . However, we recommend that you do not boil your water for a long time , it would lose too much oxygen and minerals. The ideal is to simmer just right and stop as soon as it is boiling .

infusion d'un thé à la plageL’eau attisée

It is a water around 80 °C. If you do not have tea thermostat, we can get thattemperature approximately by pouring 1/4 of ambient water into the teapot or Gaiwan then 3/4 of boiling water.

Most green teas and Darjeeling spring teas accept this temperature. Fresh green teas (close to harvest) and some Japanese teas may require more cold water to 55-60 ° C.

Adjust the temperature of the water to your taste

Do not hesitate to adjust the brew to your taste, the freshness of the tea, the season … Decrease the time or the brewing temperature if you find your tea too strong . Conversely , increase time and temperature if you find it too light .

Terre des Thés always tells you on its packets the suitable temperature for brewing your tea .

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