How to brew tea with a gaiwan ?

Chinese accessory , the Gaiwan (also called zhong in the Canton area ) is an ideal companion for tea lovers . It can quickly make a tea to contemplate the leaves when finished brewing. Most gaiwans consist of a lid, a saucer and a cup of about 100 to 200ml.

infusion puerh cuit
1. Insert the tea in the bowl and pour the water.

How to use gaiwan?

Its use is identical to that of a teapot . Its small size allows finely controlling the infusion of tea. Usually poured it 2-4 grams of tea (one or two teaspoons ) and water is filled to 3/4. The lid is raised the time of the infusion. Once the infusion is complete, simply pour the liquor into cups or into a pitcher .

You can learn to handle a Gaiwan by simply filling it with water and performing the steps that we present on the images.

prise en main gaiwan
2. Place the cover leaving a slot, 3 fingers to hold the whole..

Which teas to brew in gaiwan ?

All teas can be brewed in Gaiwan . The most suitable are those in full leaf.

gaiwan verser le thé
3. Pour the contents of Gaiwan in a pitcher or cups

Why use a Gaiwan rather than a teapot ?

  • Empty the infusion of Gaiwan is faster than some teapots (important for rapid infusions) .
  • The leaves are easily visible in the cup.
  • His maintenance is very simple.
  • The gaiwans are less expensive utensils that some teapots.

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